Neo-Digital proudly presents: SolarFighter. Are you ready for the hardest fights in this solar system? You are not sure? Well, then try this great game and find out! SolarFighter is our new arcade style space shooter. In contrast to other games of this genre, it features highly intelligent opponents and realistic physics. This work is based on Solarwolf 1.5 written by Pete Shinners. It is open source and written in Python.

The project is still at an early stage in development so we can present a first prototype only. It serves as a proof of concept of the artificial intelligence algorithm and allows us to try out several game concepts that we have in mind. We are going to exchange the graphics and sound effects subsequently by our owns.

solarfighter screen shot
Screen shot of our first SolarFighter Prototype

Game Types

Currently, the following type of games are implemented: Please note that collisions between the ships are not detected in this version. We want to implement realistic physics like in a billards game and that takes some time.


Use the arrow keys to control your ship like you would control a car in a racing simulation. Note that your velocity is not reduced by friction. Therefore, your velocity remains constant as long as you do not press "up" or "down". Press space bar to shoot.

Neo-Digital Staff

A great project needs well educated and highly motivated and talented people. And these are the people behind the scenes:

Adrian Posor is the project leader and developer of the artificial intelligence algorithm used in this game.

Tim Polder is our graphical artist. His main task is to create new graphics for our game. So far, he has created the game logo.

Wolfgang Röttger is our sound engineer. His task is to create new sound effects and music.


The game runs at least on the following platforms:
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • BeOS
  • Linux
  • IRIX
  • BSD
  • Solaris
You need the following software:

For Windows Users

Install this version of Python:
And this version of Pygame (includes SDL):
Start the game by double clicking on


As bzipped tarball: solarfighter_proto1.tar.bz2

Facing problems opening this archive? Try 7-Zip:

Algorithm Description (draft) as pdf and as LaTeX

Have a look at the homepage of Solarwolf for more information on the original game:


If you face any problems or have questions or suggestions or just want to thank us for our work, do not hesitate to contact us under neo-digital(at)


This is a first official prototype only. Further development on this game will take place, but takes its time.
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