Solarwolf Widescreen Edition

Do you belong to the fans of the game Solarwolf and have switched to a widescreen monitor like I did? Have you ever missed the widescreen support in this great game? Well, you are at the right place then. Here it is! I proudly present to you the ultimate widescreen edition of Solarwolf 1.5! It supports 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. The original game in 4:3 aspect ratio is included in this special edition. Upgrade today and enjoy plenty of new levels and all of the old enemies. This work is based on Solarwolf 1.5 written by Pete Shinners. It is open source software, written in Python.

solarwolf screen shot
Screen shot of Solarwolf Widescreen Edition
solarwolf aspect ratio settings
Solarwolf's setup screen with its aspect ratio set to 4:3
solarwolf screen shot
Solarwolf's setup screen with its aspect ratio set to 16:9

As a matter of fact, Solarwolf made me learn Python some years ago. I turned off the sound, and as I turned it on again, Solarwolf exited with an error message saying that it cannot find the sound files. This prevented me from turning the sound on again. To determine the file where the game stores the settings, I had a look at the py-files and discovered that Solarwolf is written in Python and that the code is interpreted, so I was looking at the source code. The syntax made me curious. I started to learn Python. Now I am using a HD-ready TV as a monitor so I want to play Solarwolf with an 16:9 aspect ratio. I felt encouraged to modify the game.

Have a look at the homepage of Solarwolf for more information on the original game:


The game runs at least on the following platforms:
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • BeOS
  • Linux
  • IRIX
  • BSD
  • Solaris
You need the following software:

For Windows Users

Install this version of Python:
And this version of Pygame (includes SDL):
Start the game by double clicking on


As bzipped tarball: solarwolf_we.tar.bz2

Facing problems opening this archive? Try 7-Zip:


This is a special edition only. No further development on this game is planned from my side, but you may be interested in SolarFighter, my new game based on the Solarwolf game engine. For the lates version of Solarwolf, see the Solarwolf homepage.
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