Uno over TCP/IP, UOTI for short, is an open source program to play the famous Uno card game over TCP/IP based networks or/and against the computer. The program has a console which can also be used to chat with the people that are connected to the server. The user can use selfmade card images, which are used to draw the cards on the screen.  The card images can be in the tiff or gif file format. If no card images are found, the program draws the cards itself. Please note that "drag and drop" is not implemented! To make a move, just click onto a card.


Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher.
800x600 screen resolution or higher
A network interface card supporting TCP/IP


Available commands on the prompt:
sts <port number> == start server using port number <port number>
stc <IP> <port number> == start client connected to <IP> and <port number>
cls <port number> == close server using port number <port number>
clc <port number> == close client connected to <port number>
closec == close all open connections
closec == close all open connections
ng [port number] == start new game (server only)
emchk/dmchk == enable/disable move checker (server only)
myIP == show current IP of this computer
setName <name> == set a name for the player
quit == quits the program


The rules of the game as implemented here differ from the standard in the following ways: These rules can be disabled in the options window coming in version 0.9.1. If you want to play according to other rules, you can do so by disabling the move checker.

A sample session:
Start the program by typing 'java -jar uno09rc.jar' on the OS console. The program will show you the following prompt:

UNO over TCP/IP  V0.9 RC                 (c) 2005 - 2008 by Adrian Posor
This program is free software! Free as in speech, not price.
The command line interpreter with integrated chat module:

Drawing card images myself .......................................................


Type 'sts 5000' to start a server listening on port 5000 for incoming connection requests. A window like to following one will show up:

Type 'stc 5000' on the same prompt to start a client connecting to on port 5000. Click on a card to to make your move.


Version 0.9 RC: uno09rc.jar (includes the source code)

Still to do:

Known Bugs:

Please report bugs to: bugreport(at)
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